Intern Data Scientist:
Medical Image Processing and Deep Learning

Starting Date: January 2019

Location: Le Node, co-working space, 12 rue des Faussets, Bordeaux

Keywords: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Medicine, Echography.

Education: Bachelor in computer science or mathematics


Context: DESKi, “learn” in Breton, is a young and innovative company, combining a strong expertise in both medical imaging and artificial intelligence. DESKi works hand in hand with medical practitioners and researchers to develop automated, accurate, and data-driven medical image analysis tools for an enhanced patient care.


Mission: The objective of this internship is to help elaborate a solution for an automated cardiac echography analysis tool using Deep Learning.

Having created a special relationship with the cardiac department of Bordeaux CHU (ranked #2 this year in France) , DESKi develops tools to improve patients care course. DESKi has already gathered enough quality data to solve this thrilling challenge.

Several algorithms will be part of the solution and yours to tackle !

  • Ejection fraction measurement
  • Other measures TBD



  • Bachelor in computer science or mathematics
  • Programming skills in Python (TensorFlow, Numpy, Scikit)
  • Computational skills in GPU optimization and server manipulation is a plus
  • Medical culture is a plus


Your application includes:

  • Cover letter detailing your motivation
  • CV

To be sent to
Please reach out if you have any questions !